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About TauroFit

Wellness and
personal training

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About TauroFit

In an industry often equated with fad and myth, TauroFit has slowly increased its presence by focusing on the one benefit valued by everyone, good health.

We are a health and Fitness Company based in and around Fleet, Hampshire with a vision to provide individuals with encouragement, professional coaching and motivation to help them far exceed their fitness expectations.

To us, fitness is not simply something you can pick up and drop, it's about the self belief and desire to succeed when life gets tough.

Time has finally come, it's time to see what your made of, to see the person you actually are, search inside, dig real deep and take a good look around, What are you made of?

Are you a coward or are you fearless?

Are you just basic or are you something more?

The difference between getting what you want and not, is a matter of will, So its gut check time, you’re going to have to decide right now if the person you want to be is someone who is going to leave their mark on this world, Are you going to create a legacy?

Are you going to be remembered?

If you want to be, there is a transformation that needs to occur right now, your entire world is controlled by your mind, so when you get that feeling of determination, when you get that feeling of motivation

Do something with it…

About TauroFit

TauroFit Training Principles

  • 'Believe In Yourself'
  • 'Support And Encourage'
  • '90% Diet 10% Exercise'
  • 'Push Your Boundaries'
  • 'Explore The Possibilities'
  • 'Prove The Haters Wrong'
  • 'Sleep Well'

"An amazing trainer who has so much enthusiasm and passion for what he does and believes in! Will help and support you along every bit of your journey with all the advice you can want or need. Thanks Ross"

Tanya Skene