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Personal Training

1 hour free consultation
for new members

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TauroFit Personal Training

Nearly 100% of all our members have discovered the benefits of working regularly with one of our Physique Coaches. Offering everything from custom diet plans, workout ideas and motivation, our Physique Coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals.

At Taurofit we offer a 1hour consultation free of charge.

Why use our Physique Coaches?

  • Our coaches have the opportunity to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie and can help create you a custom program.
  • Offering years of experience, coaches will help you to see through the web of lies and provide you with sound advice.
  • Coaches use a variety of training styles so no session is ever the same.
  • Instead of only showing you an exercise our coaches will tweak and perfect your technique to maximise potential.
  • Not only guiding you, coaches will certainly tell you how it is to help you stay focused and motivated.

TauroFit Coaching Packages


20 Training Sessions With Sports Massage Included


15 Training Sessions


10 Training Sessions


4 Training Sessions Per Month (Standing Order)

Team-Fit (2+):

10 Training Sessions

All of our packages include diet plans, food diary analysis, body composition testing, workout guidance and 24 hour on-going support and motivation. Each session lasts 1 hour with package payments to be made upfront.

"Ross is an awesome PT, he is so dedicated, enthusiastic and motivational in what he does, so makes you determined to reach your goals! He puts you through pure pain but so worth it! Thanks Ross"

Hannah Smith