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Success Stories

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Success Stories

Andre Strachan, Silver-Fit Member

TauroFit TauroFit success story - Andre Strachan, Silver-Fit Member

I first met Andre around a year ago when he came to me and told me he wanted to get in shape. We sat down and I learnt what he wanted to achieve explaining that this wasn't just going to be a quick fix. I explained he needed to be 100% focused and driven in order to change his body shape and also told him he could expect a huge rise in happiness, fitness and energy.

We scanned over Andre's food diary and it was clear to see there were changes to be made, because after all 'Abs are made in the kitchen'. I set him up with a new food plan which really focused on high protein, moderate carbohydrates along with those healthy fats and then we got down to business. Weights, circuits and spinning were the main focus for the first 6 months because as a keen tennis player Andre needed to keep fitness up while stripping fat and building muscle.

It's been such a pleasure to train Andre because this guy works so hard and listens to everything I say. He never moans and never gives up because his goals are now set in stone and need to once again be smashed. When he started the journey with me he didn't quite understand just how much fitness would change his life.

Andre currently runs twice a week, spins twice a week and trains with me once a week and has since completed 2 Tough Mudders and has become a keen runner attending events over the country.

So proud of Andre and it shows that it really can be done!

You're Physique Coach Ross Potter

Sally Patton, Gold-Fit Member

TauroFit TauroFit success story - Sally Patton, Gold-Fit Member

One day she said to herself 'Enough Is Enough' and from that point on has never looked back. Sally contacted TauroFit needing help and guidance because the doctor's report was really not good!

We met up for a free session which turned into a hard core hour dedicated to showing her how hard you can push yourself when focused. This turned into a GoldFit package of 20 sessions along with constant 24 hour support and coaching.

Sally wanted to stress that it was not Herbalife, Juiceplus or Body By Vi shakes, no fad diets and certainly wasn't Weight Watchers. It's all hard work, exercise and clean eating!!

We've been working together for well over a year now and the results have been breathtaking to say the least. After losing 11 Stone with my guidance and advice this girl can achieve anything and I guess the main point here is that with the right mindset and focus…

'Anything Is Possible'

Physique Coach Ross Potter

"Last November I weighed 27st and barely moved from the couch. Started training a year ago and have lost 11st but I've never found a PT who understood my individual needs and could keep me motivated. Found Ross Potter who gave me a free hourís session and can say whole heartedly that this guy is THE best! Absolutely brutal and gets serious results! My body has never looked so defined! Definitely found the ultimate PT"

Sally Patton