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Join The System 56 Challenge

The System 56 Challenge: £198 For 8 Weeks - Start Date January 2nd 2017

The TauroFit System 56 Challenge

With 2017 fast approaching and New Year resolutions at the forefront of minds across England, its time YOU made those resolutions reality by signing up to TauroFIT's System 56 Challenge.

What Do You Think You Could Achieve In 56 DAYS?

With the guidance and support of a professional physique coach the possibilities are endless!

We'll be hitting it from every angle and surrounding you with a team of professionals to support you on your journey.

Complete System 56 And You Could:

  • Lose Body Fat
  • Tone And Build Existing Muscle
  • Dramatically Change The Way You Look
  • Learn/Understand How To Easily Maintain Your New Image

We don't believe in the 'Hard Sell' because you either realise you need to take action, or you don't, it's a simple decision. One thing we can PROMISE if you undertake System 56 is you WILL NOT regret it, all it requires is the act of trust and belief.

TauroFIT's System 56 Is Only A Few Clicks Away

There are undauntedly a few reasons as to why you can't commit to an 8 week program we totally understand that.


There are also hundreds of reasons you should overcome excuses and make a commitment to your future TODAY! Don't be the one left at home wishing you'd had the courage to just say YES!

Sign up for the System 56 challenge today or contact Ross Potter on 07756 820620 or email

Say Yes to System 56 and Sign Up Today for Only £198

As a 56 VIP Member You’ll Receive:

  • Diet Plans Tailored To YOU
  • Exercise/ Training Plans To Shed Fat + Tone Muscle
  • Cardio Conditioning Plan
  • Access to The 56 VIP Members Group So You'll Be Able to Swap Tips, Meal Ideas and Thoughts
  • Bi-Weekly Personal Check - Ins To Make This About You and YOUR Results
  • An additional 8 WEEKS of Diet/Exercise Plans To Help You Stay On Track

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"An amazing trainer who has so much enthusiasm and passion for what he does and believes in! Will help and support you along every bit of your journey with all the advice you can want or need. Thanks Ross"

Tanya Skene